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First off, let me start by saying...

HOORAY! You finally fixed the head proportion problem! I'm gonna stand up and clap for you now.

Okay, enough clapping.

Your proportion work has greatly improved. I'm still seeing some of those odd bruise textures I've seen in your work before, but the placement here, on the knee, breast and butt-cheek makes them seem more like highlights than just bruises.

The expression on the darker-skinned babe is nice, a quiet, smouldering lust, but the the red-head's emotions are less clear. She almost seems like she's stoned, or else facing the brown beauty's attentions with the forced stoism of a hooker who isn't very happy with the situation, but is hanging in there for the sake of netting another few bucks.

Additionally, the action, especially of the red-head's right arm, is confused and chaotic. Where did her hand go? Into the cleaveage? Or is she just groping underneath? The over-lapping brownie's arm and soap bubbles hide this. Plus, the way her arm bends around her boob makes it seem like she's made of rubber.

Glad to see you're improving, and I hope you will continue.
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Lucky-JJ Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
well, gotta keep practicing. ^^ thanks.
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